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Potential Errors With Unspecified Address

Problem Description This problem was origianl found when I tried to running AISDB on macOS. The default value of udp_listen_addr is an IPv6 address [::]:9921. However, the program will raise an error when it tries to bind the address: No suitable network interfaces were found! It is important to highlight that both my Ubuntu workstation and Raspberry Pi operate without any problems, as they do not encounter this issue. Alternatively, if I manually configure the udp_listen_addr as [::1]:9921 on macOS, no error is raised....

May 18, 2023

WebAssembly Project with Rust and wasm-pack

This document is a note for myself to how to initialize a WebAssembly project with Rust and wasm-pack. Used Tools wasm-pack: For building and packaging Rust code as a WASM module. Steps First of all, we need to install the required wasm-pack following the official guide. Then, we can create a new Rust lib project with wasm-pack: wasm-pack new my-project The project structure is almost the same as a normal Rust project....

March 29, 2023

My First Post

This is a defualt post generated by hugo. You can find my profile on this page.

March 23, 2023